The Legend of Hettara is a story of a brave young lady. She grow up not only as an only child, but without a mother as well. It was back in the early 1300's, I think that her father born, grew up fighting for his village, the warrior type i believe. Her mother was from another town, some distance away, the village stood within a grove of trees, hard for some to find.   Well, as any love story goes, he would travel back and forth between the to villages, until one day he asker her to marry. And of course she said Yes. They were married 2 weeks later for the fact of him having to leave again for some length of time. After they were married, he brought her to His village to live. Unknown to him for some time she concieved on their wedding night. She only carried Hettara for 7 months, before the long painful birth came. She named the child Hettara, after the Druids meaning of Long Awaited.   The two of them stayed in the village for 2 years. When word that the fighting was getting closer to them, they left for her home in the grove. On the way there, they were attacked by a band of renagades. The mother was killed, and Hettara was not heard from for quite some time.    I believe is was said for close to 15 years she was never seen or heard from. When Hettara returned to her mothers village, and told them there of what had happened, they knew then that Hettara was truly her mothers daughter, for the same thing had happened to her so long ago.   As the fighting in the surounding town and vilages got worse, Hettara talked more of helping the villages, helping themselves, saving the wounded from both sides. She was not heard for many years by the people that lived there. It was said that she could be seen on many of nights, dancing, singing, drinking around a fire that seemed to never died down and to never go out. It was also known that their village was never attacked or visited by the fighting parties that seem to suround them everyday. It was also said, that on long nights, when the fog was thick, and the fire barely seen, that you could hear voices other then Hettaras, voices that sounded harmonious, full of love and caring, and worry. They would speak to her as one of their own children, telling her she must not give up on the people that call her family, that she must keep trying to help them, even if they did not want it from her.   Hettara was seldom seen in one town or another for too long, she would stay in a town for about a week at a time, talking to town councles about what they should be doing to save themselves and their families. Those that listened to her, and her witchly ways as most put it, would be cast from the town, and hunted at a later date. Hettara tried, tried for 12 years to get people to listen to her, to listen to the words of nature, to make them understand that the whispers you hear in the woods and the fields, are the words from there hearts and from the mother earth herself.   Few listened, most didn't. Those that didn't listen, lost family, friends, and there own lives after a time. Those that did listen to Hettara, are the ones that told the stories of her throught the years. Not everyone died that didn't listen to Hettara, they had hard lives, tried to rebuild their lives after losing everything. The ones that followed Hettara however, lived in the thick woods of the grove where she grew up. Where the fire never died, the sunshine would peak throught the trees just enough to let the woods get just warm enough to live in harmony with their surroundings. Hettara was there for most her life, she did what she could for those that listened to her, she showed them all how to live from what was around them, without hurting nature herself in the prosess.   There was a message from another town one day, that simply stated that their would apperciate it greatly if Hettara would come to talk to there village councle, and Hettara true in her faith, once more came to her calling, to help. Little did the People of the Grove of Light, as they were to known later as, know that they would never see Hettara again, that they would be left to carry on what she gave them. Hettara traveled to the village only to be welcomed by the same people that swore they would hunt down those that followed her. Hettara never told them where the people were, nor did she fight them. Only filled there ears with love and carring words that died off as they burned her for being a witch. Now, I'm not saying that Hettara is the one that stared the Druid belief, nor am I saying that she is the one that brought it back to all that didn't believe in it. But, Hettara is the one that brought it to the small amount of people that would carry it on in that time, in that part of the world, small as it may be. But, Hettara is a proud name, a strong name, and a powerful name, to only be spoken by the few that believe in her tale, by those that believe she could really light a fire that still burns today, in Scotland, in a small grove of trees, high in the hills.That is the store of Hettara. I do not know if it is true or not, I haven't been to Scotland yet to see the fire, tho I hope one day I can. I like to believe that even if it is not true, that I can carry the story to someone else, just as they have done so long ago. You will not find this story in any history books, only in the books that are kept in our hearts.


Contributed by Hettara