By : WaterCrone


There are always rules when you work with Magic. To explain how magic works I would explain it as a form of energy that you put out into the universe that attracts other forms of energy. Your brain constantly sends out messages into the universe, where this energy is received and returned to us in one form or another.

Thoughts are a type of energy and Words used with thoughts are very powerful. There is a natural law in metaphysics that states that like attracts like. So what you send out into the universe will be returned to you eventually.

Our day-to-day thoughts are a great example of things being returned to us. On a regular basis we send out many negative thoughts. My favorite ones used to be that just looking at food would make me fat and I never have any money. The more I thought this way the more weight I seemed to put on and the less money I had. This in itself is a type of magic! You are sending negative messages into the universe and it is affecting you in a negative way. I f this sounds logical to you just imagine what sending positive energy into the universe would do. Think of the power you have within yourself.

You do not just read the words in a book and think that you will be able to perform magick, you need to have the will and the energy to put into the spell. A spell is not just a matter of adding this and that, saying some words you probably don’t understand nor does magick happen in the blink of an eye. You need to know the rules of magick, you need to use words and personal power to work the magick of a spell. You don’t need to own any special equipment, some of the most powerful spells have been cast with only words.

The Ethical Side of Magic and Spells.

There is an old saying, be careful what you ask for it may just come true. This is very true, you do not wish your spells to cause harm to someone else in the process of getting back to you. You should think very carefully before even thinking of doing a spell. e.g. You do not want money if someone who is close to you has to die for you to get it. You have to think long and hard of what you want, in what way it could affect someone else and how it would affect you if you got what you asked for.

A spell for a new love in your life should be non specific, if you wish for a particular person to be attracted to you, you may find that there is a resulting problem that goes with this particular person. Instead of saying something specific, you should think long and hard about what type of person you want to be attracted to you, be specific, write down what he/she looks like, his/her habits, his/her likes and dislikes. It may take you quite a while to find what you think would be your perfect partner should be like but you will be thankful when you meet them that you were so specific. Even a little love spell to make a friend see you as a lover is going to interfere with their own free will and that is against the ethics of magick.

You should never cast a spell for a malicious or spiteful reason. Never for envy or lust. You should never do magick for someone else unless you have their total permission first.


Know that what ever you send out will eventually return to you. If it is negative know then that it will return to you in a negative form threefold (This is the THREEFOLD LORE OF MAGICK).


The adding of the ‘harm ye none’ or ‘may it harm no-one’ clause should be added to the end of a spell as a protection to yourself. If you do send out a negative projection this will NOT protect you from the three-fold lore.