A Dragon Meditation by: D. J. Conway

Begin the meditation by relaxing your body. Begin at your feet and end at your head. Mentally tell each part of your body to relax, don’t worry if your body is relaxed, just assume it is and go on. Spend extra time on your shoulders, neck, and throat, as these will be the most tense. As you get to the point of relaxing your scalp, you should be relaxed enough to astral travel. Any time you want to leave the meditation, just think of your physical body and you will return. You are NEVER LOCKED into a meditation.

Lets begin:

Fist you must always visualize or "sense" yourself surrounded by a bright white light (aids in protection and guidance). Slowly breathe in the light. Then visualize yourself standing on a bridge over a pond or river. Take all the negative events and people who are causing you trouble and throw them into the water. This ensures that you don’t clutter yourself with negative emotions. These steps are necessary to have a positive meditation as always do them first.

Meeting Your Special Dragon (if you rally want to) BY WhiteFae

You find yourself on a mountaintop. Beyond you, in the distance, you see a volcano with smoke and steam floating from its crater. You turn to look behind and below you. Vast forests sparkle with bright blue lakes and twisting rivers. On the horizon you can see the twinkling edges of an ocean. The tan and ocher hues of distant sand dunes are a streak of color between the aquamarine ocean waters and the deep green of evergreen trees. You look up at the sky and see that storm clouds are rolling in over the mountains, although long shafts of brilliant sunlight break through the clouds to light up the hills and forests.

Suddenly, you are aware of various kinds of dragons in the scenery around you. The dark Chaos dragons roll and turn in the storm clouds, while the dragons of Light fly up and down the paths of sunlight. Earth dragons crawl beneath the thick canopy of tree branches. Fire dragons of all sizes play in the steam and heat of the volcano. Every lake and river is home to Water dragons, as is the distant ocean. Dragons of the desert and arid places haunt the hot dunes. You can feel the separate energy and power of each dragon as they call to you.

Hold out your hands and mentally call to the dragon to which you are attracted. Instantly, you are beside that dragon. You walk unharmed and unafraid in the dragon’s domain. The dragon speaks to you, telling you things you need to know about improving your life on all levels.

When you’re finished, you can return to your body, or to the mountaintop to visit with another dragon. At any time that you feel uncomfortable with a particular dragon, you can end the visit. When you wish to end the meditation, just think of you physical body

A Simple Meditation By Shadowwitch

Sit in a dark room, relax and think of white light surrounding you.      

A Candle Meditation contributed by Firegodx

Light 3 candles, place them in a triangle around yourself in a dark room, close eyes, blank out mind, open eyes, focus on candle in front you    

Meditation By Druid King

When I need to meditate, I will most of the time put on some celtic music, and burn some inscense. I find that doing that helps to clear my mind, I also have found that watching the smoke come up from the inscence can also help the meditative process, it is also important to have it quiet. Contributed by Fate of One the meditations i use most is the simplest one i know simply find an atmosphere you feel relaxed in   example:  garden, woods,  in your room candles lit anywhere you feel safe close eyes and repeat "I will, to will, thy will" think about what it means and release all other thoughts realy good for stressfull life nad to clean the mind      

Meditation By LokiEternal  

This is the first meditation I learned.   You sit in full lotus position, cup your hands in your lap, close you eyes, clear your mind.   Pay attention to your breathing. count every intake of breath, just concentrating on that number, be that number. If your mind wanders, just recognise that it is wandering and pull it back the objective of this is to get to the point where you are not even counting your breaths anymore and you sit there breathing w/an empty mind   Contributed by LokiEternal   I used to do mantra's every day when I was studdying buddhism, this is the first one I learned, I learned it whial studdying Egytian Yoga. Mantra's are words of power that send forth vibrations, of calm and peace.   You can do this whial you walk, pace sit or what ever say A U M ( ) slowely so that you can feel the vibrations some people spell it oum  there are other mantras that are several words long   I liked kwan yin myslef the name means seeking the sound to relieve suffering. Kwan Yin is the bodhisattva of compassion (orriginally this name was avalokitesvara, but became known as kwan yin in the Lotus Sutra--- this is the Mantra of Universal Protection:::: Om (see above) Mani Padme Hum     this next one is for protection for yourself and your family or if you have any wory or suffering   Nam Mo Kuan Say Im Por Sar   one is supposed to try to recite these for at least 15min to 30 min   I got this info from a publication by a group called syarikat dharma, it was a free publication and translated by leon hurvitz (they will send free introductory buddhist lit in english to any one who writes with a request from anywhere in the world)   Contributed by Shanzi   I usually start any meditation by lying on my back and letting the tension melt away from my body. (One way to do this is to clench the muscles in your legs, arms, back(by arching it) and nneck(by rolling your head) one by one and then imagining all stress and tension draining from your body from the feet up. Once you reach your head, blank your mind, breathing deeply)   Then, imagine yourself standing in space, with a purple haze around you. Imagine stars and galaxies in the distance. Once you've established that, imagine a door in front of you. Be creative, it's yours, you know.=-) When you open the door, you will be standing above a realm/world. Visualize it. Is it full of deserts, oceans, mountains, prairies? Whatever you want, or whatever you think should be there. Float down to the earth, and let the messages or answers come in your wanderings of the world.   ( I find that it helps, personally, to play soft music or enviromental sounds in the background while doing this.)