By LokiEternal

In the twins cusp the necromancer reaised his hands to the stars
The elements were in order
the blood offering was in the triangle
Nefrastau came as demanded, under a similar, but other name
he was charged with the spimlest of tasks
to find one of purity
He found the fair hared one
  Five years the demon watched and guarded the girl
He learned love
a foriegn thing
In the warriors house the Necromancer lost his need
condemned her to death
Nefraustau denyed his master
and ignored the pain
the necromancer was of a week breed
easy to defy
In the warriors house the demon vowed to protect the
woman of light---so that she may forever
be pure
She found her own earthy love (that wich he provided)
In the year of the Tiger she braught forth a son
But alas in the time of the Dog the demon was called
to the aid of a near imortal
Apon his return --- she suffered tragedy
The Fates had taken flight when the guardian was gone
As her perfect life was unguarded ---destroyed
Theemis blinfolded
but Nemisis--her eyes wide open
reported to Nefraustau the vile human temper
that threatened the beauty he pleaged his very existance
A rage rareley seen on this plane
erupted into the physical
To work with the watter cusp in the Rat's relm
he provided new walls for his charges
but before all was finished
again he was called
what a moment to him
years at a time to us
and he returned to the face of pain
this time that of the child of the Tiger
Pacing to and forth Purity and Beauty
now haggared with worry and tears
torment the demon had hoped to sheild
crumpling in defeat--- how could she do this alone?
He appeared to her in a pleasing silhoette
pleadging all to her
The year of the Dragon, the house of Ares
a moon full
He went to the child screaming and forsaken
collapsed on the floor with tears to rivel the mother's
The time when shadows play a little easier
his power, pain and blood thirst he abandoned
He merged with the Tigers child