ACACIA = Air/Sun

Protection, Psychic Enhancement

Burn while you announce your desire.

You can also add to burn with other

appropriate herbs for money and friendship

ALLSPICE = Fire/Mars
Dried Fruit

Money, Luck and Healing

Burn the crushed dried berries for

attracting money and luck. Add to

mixtures for healing. Can use in a

healing herbal bath.

ALMOND = Air/Mercury
Dried Fruit, Leaves and Wood

Abundance and Prosperity

Carry, wear or burn for attracting

abundance or use for making amulet

ALOE = Water/Moon
Entire Plant

Protection, Attract Luck

Hang at the front door, in the kitchen,

in doorways and hallways to attract luck

and protection to the inhabitants.

ANGELICA = Air/Venus
Roots and Fruits

Protection, Healing, Attracts the gift

of temperance

Burn sun-dried herbs while you announce

your desire and retain it in your mind.

Candle Magick is also very useful with this herb.

ANISE = Air/Jupiter

Protection, Psychic enhancement, Sleep,

Wear on your person in sachet. Used

often in Aromatherapy

Used too in dream pillows for a good

nights sleep. Burn while meditating.

Root, Leaves


Banishing, (believe me , you will!)

Protection and Purification.

Burn the crushed roots and leaves

for incense. This is a powerful

banishing herb. You will banish

yourself outta the room with this


ASPHODEL = Fire/Venus

Love Drawing

Place the flower on the altar

or next to the tool you are using

for attracting a new love. Also

worn in the hair.


BALM OF GILEAD = Water/Venus
Also Earth/Saturn

Flowery tops and leaves

Soothes love pains, de-stressing

Throw the fresh herbs in a bath,

as you soak visualize your wish

coming true, place in red wine for

attracting a new love

BASIL = Fire/Jupiter
Flowery tops and leaves

Money and Riches, Protection, Love

Burn crushed powdered Basil

while you announce your desire.

You can also sprinkle a little

on your person. Can be mixed with

other herbs for protection and love

BAY LAUREL = Fire/Mercury
Leaves and Wood

Divination, Protection, Purification

Justice and sleep/dreams

Burn the fresh leaves for divination,

hang up at the highest point in the

home for protection or burn and let the

smoke hit the four corners of a room for

purifying and cleansing of negative energies.

Place in a dream pillow for safe sound sleep

or with other herbs for psychic dreams.

Also Air/Mars

Root and Leaves

Purification and Intellect

Burn for success in intellectual matters.

Burn crushed and powdered leaves for

purifying the home, self and other items

of negative energies.

BERGAMOT = Earth/Jupiter
Root, Tops and Leaves

Money, Prosperity

Use the oil of this herb in attracting

money. Carry a sachet with you to the

Bingo parlor for luck in winning!

BETONY = Fire/Jupiter
Leaves and Tops

Protection, Purification and Love

Carry a sachet for protection and/or

scatter at the four corners of a room

in the house. Burn and let the smoke

cover you for purification. Carry with

you in an amulet for love advances. Burn

for banishing disharmony in a relationship.

BIRCH = Air/Saturn

Protection, Purification

Sacred tree of the Celts. Use the wood

for making wands and other magick tools.

Also can be mixed with other herbs for a

peaceful sleep.

BISTORT = Earth/Saturn
The whole Herb

Clairvoyance, Fertility

Carry as a sachet for fertility and

conception. Added as a booster with

other herbs for divination.

BURDOCK = Water/Venus
Roots, Tops and Leaves

Protection, Purification

Carry as a protection sachet or

burn for purification of the room,

Rinse with a root decoction for

ridding oneself of a gloomy feeling

about yourself or others.


CACTUS = Fire/Mars
The whole plant


Bury with other banishing symbols for

protection, grow in the house and garden

for unwanted intrusions, use the spine to

mark the symbols in banishing candles.

CAMOMILE = Water/Sun

Prepares body and mind for magick, Healing and

Prosperity wishes

Drink as a tea, place small amount in

the bath to prepare for magick, use as an

amulet for prosperity, Burn for restful

sleep, visualize your desire

CARAWAY = Air/Mercury

Protection, Passion, Memory

Carry in a sachet for protection, add

with other appropriate herbs for love,

carry the seeds to strengthen the memory

and use in sleep pillows to help remember

your dreams.

Flowery tops

Creativity, enhance magickal powers,

achieving balance. Also used with other

appropriate herbs for healing, Energy.

Light a scented candle, use in bath,

place with other herbs for added energy,

Burn flower tops for creativity.

CATNIP = Water/Venus
Roots and Leaves

Happiness, Animal Magick, Psychic

Enhancement, Healing Pets.

Use as a tea for happiness and increasing

the pet healing. Can also be used as a

relaxant during meditation, burn dried leaves

for love wishes.

The whole Herb

Protection, Escaping Entrapments, Happiness

Use when feeling trapped in a undue

negative situation, wear as an amulet

for protection and happiness.


Protection, Healing, Love, Passion

and Money wishes.

Burn to promote clairvoyance and protection,

Add to other appropriate money herbs for an

excellent boost, wear an amulet for passion

in men, and mix with other appropriate healing

herbs to add energy and quickness to healing.

CINQUEFOIL = Earth/Jupiter
The whole Herb

Protection, Love, Prosperity, Healing

An "All-purpose" Magick Herb.

Carry in sachet for prosperity and riches,

burn crushed fresh herb for multipurpose

wishes in love, money, health and protection.

Hang at the front door and/or hallways

for protection in the home. Smudge with

this in the four corners to ward off

negative influences. Use also for energy,

power and strength.

CLOVER = Earth/Mercury
The whole Herb

Protection, Mental Clarity, Money and Luck.

The three-leafed type is used for

protection, carry as a sachet or amulet,

the four-leafed type is used as an

amulet or sachet for luck, attracting

money and keeping your head about you.

CLOVE = Fire/Sun
Flowery Tops

Repelling Negative Influences.

Worn or carried to repel negative energies

around you, carried with other appropriate

herbs for mental clarity, added with other

herbs also for attracting love. Also, said

to protect babies in their cribs if hung over

them strung together.

COMFREY = Air/Saturn
The Whole Herb


A strong herb for protection of any

type of negativity around you, for

traveling, for protection in the astral


CORIANDER = Water/Venus
The whole Herb

Love, Fertility and Protection

Carry in a sachet or amulet for fertility,

grow in your garden or hang the plant in

your home for protection against negative

influences and unwanted guests, used with

other appropriate herbs to help ease the

pain of an ended love affair. Used also

in dream protection sachets and pillows.

CYPRESS = Earth/Saturn

Protection, Consecration, Divination

Hang a branch in the home or office

for protection of any negative influence,

Burn the crushed and dried wood for aid

in understanding grief and death, also

to aid in divination. Many tools of

magick are made of this wood.


The whole Herb

Sleep Protection, Healing

The roots are used for sachets in

dream pillows and sachets, the leaves

and flowers are used in a tea for healing.

DILL = Fire/Mercury
The Whole Herb

Protection, Love

Carry in sachets (the tops)for protection

or place over the crib for the baby,

place seeds in muslin and hang in shower

for attracting women, also used with

other herbs for ridding negative energies.

Resin (Gum)

Energy, Purification and Protection

A strong banishing resin for ridding strong

negative influences and bad habits, also a

pinch of the resin under the mattress is said

to alleviate impotency(?), add to other herbs

and incenses to add a power packed helper. Also

used for magickal ink.


ELDER = Air/Venus
Wood, Leaves, Fruit and Flowery Tops

Purification, Love, Magick Tools

Used widely in the making of wands and other

magickal items, the dried fruit and leaves are

used for protection, also burned for cleansing

and other personal magick.

ELECAMPANE = Water/Mercury
Stalk, Root and Leaves

Banishing, Love, Purification

dispels violent, angry vibrations

Hide a sachet of the herb in a room,

or sprinkle powdered herb along the

doorways and hallways. Add to love

sachets and incenses.

Leaves, Seeds(pods)

Healing, Sleep and Reconciliations

Used in sleep and dream sachets, place

with other healing herbs for bringing

healing especially chest area, hang in

the home to ward off sicknesses, carry

in an amulet or sachet to help in the

reconciliation of relationship. Careful,

the other person must be willing.

The Whole Herb

Clairvoyance, Meditation

Used in a tea form and anoint the eyes

for aid in clairvoyance. Helps too with

other appropriate herbs to open the third

eye and aid in meditation.


FERN = Air/Saturn
Also Earth/Saturn

Mental Clarity, Protection

Hang an Air Fern in the study room

to help concentration, burn a sprig

before an exam. In the Earth element,

hang for powerful protection, use sprigs

in sachets and amulets for a powerful

auric protection. INTENTION is very

important in the use of this herb.


GARDENIA = Water/Moon
Flowery Tops

Healing, Friendship, Love

Carry or wear the pure fragrance or

the crushed flowers to attract a new

easy love or friendship, Burn with other

healing herbs for added peace and comfort

for the person who is ailing.

GARLIC = Fire/Mars
Clove, Flower

Protection, Strength, Promotes Communication

Hang in kitchen, patio, windowsill,

to help keep you strong in your will

and/or to bring togetherness in the

family, burn while you make your wish

add to banishing wishes for added punch,

carry as a sachet for trips over water,

also, said to ward off bad weather when

you are participating in outside events.

GERANIUM = Water/Mars
Flowery Tops

Love, Healing and Protection

Depending on variety, use white for

love, red for protection and healing

and pink for home protection. Use the

oil for communication, mending spats

between lovers and protecting against

further disharmony.


GINGER ROOT = Fire/Jupiter

Success, Power and Money

Burn the crushed dried root for attracting

money and success in a business endeavor,

carry for power in a given situation (caution:

please be sure you have thought out the

situation and your stand on it before trying

this one, it could backfire on you!) Used in

love wishes too as an added boost of power.


HAWTHORN = Fire/Mars
Wood, Fruit and Flowery Tops

Protection, Success in working matters, Purity

The wood is used in making magickal wands

and other tools, the tree and/or other parts

of the tree are used in attracting Faeries,

The leaves are also used in protective

sachets and caplets. A tea is made and drank

during incantations of the wishes.

HAZEL = Air/Sun
Wood, Fruit

Wisdom, Protection and Fertility

The Wood is used for all magickal tools,

Especially good in all luck wishes. A sachet

of the fruit of the tree is given to new

brides for luck in marriage and fertility.

Place the sprigs up high in the room for

a powerful magickal protection and luck.

HEATHER = Water/Venus
The whole Herb

Protection, Peace and Healing

Carry as an amulet for a powerful

protection. Also promotes peace in the

home when hung or used in decorations

for the home, hang in the bedroom for

peaceful sleep, place on the altar for

boosting other herbs and items to enhance

psychic awareness.

Flowery Tops and Leaves

Clairvoyance, Banishing

Burn or carry for banishing or repelling

negative influences around you, and for

increasing courage and will power. Also used

fresh under the pillow for psychic dreams.

It is said if you sleep with this under your

pillow you will dream of the person who has

stolen from your home.

HIGH JOHN = Earth/Saturn


An excellent herb for increase in all

areas of prosperity! Add to other money

herbs and oils for a huge wallop of power.

HOLLY = Fire/Mars
The whole Herb


Its wood is used for all magickal tools

as it will enhance any wish you have. A

powerful protection in the home. Also said

to heighten masculinity if the fruit and

leaves are carried by a man.(?)

HONEYSUCKLE = Earth/Jupiter

Divine Inspiration, Peace, Balancing

also Prosperity

Fill a sachet and wear it or light a

scented candle for clairvoyance or crush

the flowers and rub into the forehead for

psychic powers. Place flowers in a herbal

bath for balancing yourself when feeling

out of sorts. Add to all prosperity oils

incense, sachets and wish items for a quick


HOPS = Water/Mars

Healing, Balancing

A tea drank before bedtime helps with

a restful sleep, also drank after magick

acts to help balance and refocus oneself

back to the everyday world. Use in healing

sachets and amulets and the dried herb is

also burned during healing prayers.

HOREHOUND = Earth/Mercury
The Whole Herb

Protection, Energy, Power.

As a tea, used for increased energy and

strength when needed in situations.

Increases the power of strength and

mental clarity wishes. Carried or burned

for protection wishes.

HYACINTH = Water/Venus
Flowery Tops

Love and Protection.

Carried in sachets and amulets to ease

grief, childbirth pains. Used in dream

pillows to ward off nightmares. Used as

a protective charm in negative influences.

The oil is best to use and you can also

anoint a candle for protection with

this herb and oil.

HYSSOP = Fire/Jupiter
The Whole Herb

Protection, Healing

Used as a tea for protection of all

types, physical and mental. Use as a

healing bath.


IVY = Water/Saturn
The whole Herb, Tree

Protection, Fertility and Love.

Use this plant by hanging in front of

the door to the home to repel negative

influences and unwanted guests. Place

inside the home at open windows and arches

Mixed with Holly it is a great wedding

sachet to protect the bride and groom.

Magickal love wands are made from this wood.


JASMINE = Earth/Jupiter

Spiritual Love and Dream Sleep

Used in dream pillows and sachets for sweet

dreams during troubled times. The fresh flowers

and oils are used for attracting and maintaining

a spiritual love. Very powerful, only a little

will do!

JUNIPER = Fire/Sun
The whole Herb.

Money, Protection and Love wishes

Used as an oil to add to the other herbs

for increasing money status, light a juniper

scented candle for prosperity. Use in a string

of the fruit for attracting love, burn leaves

and fruit for magickal protection. Place a

sprig at the door to the home for protection

against theft and unwanted visitors. Place a

twig or leaves with valuables to safeguard


LAVENDER = Air/Mercury

Love, Protection and Purification

Burn to induce a restful sleep, place

on the pillow or temples for a restful

sleep, use as a bath to purify and cleanse,

or burn for the same reason. Long ago, it

was believed if you carried this, you

would see ghosts.

The whole herb

Dream Protection, Love

Wear a sprig or a piece of it to protect

you from dreaming. Carry the leaves or an

amulet of the herb to attract the opposite

sex. Also added to other wishes to enhance

the power.

LOVAGE = Water/Sun

Psychic Sleep, Energy and Purification

Used as a tea for psychic dreams before

bedtime or as an energy booster before

exams or when clear thinking is needed.

Use in a bath for cleansing. Added to

other love herbs, enhances the attract


MALLOW = Air/Venus
Flowery Tops and Leaves
Peace and Happiness, Femininity
Use as a tea to soften the character for
a woman, or appreciate the small things
and beauty in life. Use also in a bath
to be able to do these things.

Love, Clairvoyance
Added to other herbs in sachets, amulets
and even incense for attracting a new love
or adding new life to a present relationship
Place above the bed for psychic dreams, or
use in dream pillows.

MARJORAM = Air/Mercury
The whole herb,Flowery tops
Helps to accept deep changes in life,
Prediction, Balancing, Protection
Burn over burner when someone or something
dies, either figuratively or physically
or place herb under pillow and ask for a
revealing dream. Place a pinch of the herb
in the corners of the home for protection,
Added as a booster for all love wishes.

MEADOWSWEET = Water/Jupiter
The whole Herb
Love, Happy Energy
A subtle but beautifully aromatic herb
this is used for the symbol of love
when mixing up your potions. Add a fresh
pinch to boost. Burn the dried herb to
relieve disharmony in the home or to
relieve tensions when the in-laws are
coming. continue to burn in a scented
candle, no one will know!

MELILOT = Air/Saturday
Memory enhancing, Healing
Use as a decoction, it is rinsed over
the head to increase the power of memory
when needed, good for the student to do
before studying or an exam! As a bath, heals
and soothes.

MINT = Fire/Venus
Flowery Tops and Leaves
Clear thinking.
Use as tea for clearing the head before
meditation or performing magick. Can also
be used to calm when situations in a
relationship are explosive.

The whole Herb
Protection,Healing and Love
Harvested on a Waning Moon, used to repel
negative influences and protect against
unwanted advances. Used in sachets and amulets,
or hung in the home, it is a general all-
purpose protector. Use in a bath for healing
wishes or the herb added to a prayer bowl
enhances the healing. Worn, it is said to
help conceive and to hold on to your current
love. Hunters were said to carry some of
this for luck and protection. Wear when astral
traveling for protection.

MUGWORT = Air/Venus
The whole Herb
Travelers Protection, Divination
Harvested at the Full Moon, this is
carried for protection when traveling long
journeys. Used as a tea to enhance psychic
powers or rub the leaves on the forehead and
on the divination tool to increase clairvoyance.

MULLEIN = Fire/Saturn
The whole Herb
Powerful Protection
Used usually in a an amulet to protect
against any unwanted influences. Also,
carry with you to guard against any wild
animals when in the wilderness. Burn the
leaves when banishing heavy bad influences
and an immediate halt to bad habits.

MYRRH = Water/Sun
Used extensively in magickal scents
High Psychic Vibrations, Spirituality,
Purification and Protection
Burn the herb and walk through the area
you wish to cleanse, useful in meditation.
Burn to purify and protect whatever your
wish. Pass objects through the smoke to
cleanse of negative energy. Burn during
healing wishes. Mixed with other magickal
herbs, a standard in magick enhancement.

MYRTLE = Water/Venus
The whole Herb, Wood
The wood is used to make magickal charms
and other tools, especially those involving
love. Wear a caplet of the leaves while
preparing other love potions, burn with any
love wish. Add also to friendship wishes
for true friends.


The top part of the whole Herb
Protection, Petty Problem Resolutions
Infuse the flowers as a tea, sprinkle on
self and other people, (with their permission
of course!) or in a room to remove petty
jealousies, gossip, envy and uncomfortable
situations. Use with a poppet to send bad
vibes back to the person sending to you then
bury it. Burn during banishing wishes.

NUTMEG = Air/Jupiter
Used to strengthen your psychic powers.
Carry the seed or anoint candles with
this herb,used also with other appropriate
herbs to enhance psychic dreams and wishes.


OAK = Fire/Sun
Wood, Fruit and Leaves
Protection, Strength, Longevity
Wisdom and Fertility
The most sacred of all trees, its wood
is often used for many magickal tools.
Many things are buried under an Oak Tree
for the manifestation of wishes. Burn the
leaves to purify the area. The fruit is
used for most fertility wishes and is used
in sachets and amulets or just alone. A
sprig hung in the home wards off negativity
and strengthens the family unit. Carried
also for wisdom and strength in any given
situation. Also carried to preserve youthfulness.
Men carry to increase their attractiveness.
Never cut an Oak for magickal purposes unless
it is during the Waning Moon.

ONION = Fire/Mars
The whole Herb
Protection, Banishing, Purifying,
and some Healing.
An onion cut in half and placed in the
corners of the room will absorb illnesses,
and bury or burn in the morning. Rubbing
a magickal tool on the half of the bulb,
will cleanse it. Also sacred to the Moon
so it should be used in any wish involving
energies of the Moon itself. Place onion
bulbs and flowers around the house for
protection. Burn the flowers for banishing
any bad habits and negative influences.

ORANGE = Water/Sun
Fruit, Leaves and Wood
Mental Agility, Business, Love,
Balancing Thought and Emotion
Use the flowers for a herbal bath
to not only refresh and stimulate but
also to make one attractive for a special
event, add the rinds to a love sachet to
help someone make up their mind, wear the
oil when dealing in business negotiations
that need an extra "uumph"! Carry as a
sachet or amulet or hang a sprig up in
the home to aid in the "heart says one
thing, the head the other" situation.

ORRIS ROOT = Water/Venus
Root, of course!
Love, Attraction
Carry an amulet or sachet for drawing
a new love. Add to other love herbs to
create a loving environment and stimulate
the thoughts of love with someone. Place
small pinch's in the corners of the room
to open a new love or burn during a new
love wish. Bathe for attraction of the
opposite sex.


PARSLEY = Earth/Mars
Seeds and Leaves
Healing and Vitality
Call the power of the Element of
Earth and drink as an infusion. Restores
a sense of well-being. Used for increasing
strength and vitality after surgery or
sickness, adds new life to "in-a-rut"
situations. Can be added to other healing
herbs to quicken the wish.

The whole Herb
Passionate Love, Fertility
Business Growth
Used primarily in attracting a
powerful passionate love. Burned
for new business growth and also
placed in the garden to help it
grow healthy. Worn in a sachet
or an oil for fertility. Also
used with other Earth element herbs
for divination and increasing
psychic awareness.

PENNYROYAL = Earth/Venus
The whole Herb
Protection, Banishment
Burn for protection in meditation
and astral travel. Used also for ridding
oneself or the home of negative thoughts
against you. Carry in a sachet or amulet
when dealing with negative vibrations of
all kinds. Place a little on a candle
before or during uncomfortable meetings.

PEONY = Fire/Sun
The whole Herb
Protection, Luck
A great all-purpose protection herb.
Use the dried root for all types of
protective charms, including dream pillows.
Hang in the home or car, burn for
ridding of negative influences of any type.
Used with other herbs to attract luck.

Banishing, Protection
Another wonderful and cupboard ready
herb for banishing negativity. Burn
to rid the home or office of bad
vibrations or before you move into
a new place (make sure you then use
Sage.) Carry with you to ward off petty
jealousy against you. Aids in summoning
up your courage to face things or do
things you just don't wanna do but
have to.

Also associated with the
element of Fire.
The whole Herb
Purification, Healing, Sleep,
Some Love and Prosperity Wishes
Burn the herb in a new home to clear
out all negative sickness energies.
Carry with other herbs for boosting
love and abundance. Place on person
or their picture for haste in healing.
Also used when changes are needed in
ones life, gives the added push needed.
Also used in a tea to help ease tensions.

PLANTAIN = Fire/Mars
Leaves and Root
Use the dried leaves and roots
in a healing bath. Place a few
pinch's in the flame of the candle
or throw to the East wind in all
healing wishes.


ROSE = Fire/Venus
Also attributed to the element
of Water, and also the influence of Mars.
Ultimate Love, Protection
The ultimate in love wishes, this
will aid in bringing a true lasting
love and help also to mend any spats
between you in an already committed
relationship. The petals can be bathed
with while thinking a new love to you,
the dried flowers are burned in love
wishes. Sleeping with the flowers will
protect your dreams. Carry a sachet or
amulet for protection against bodily
injury or when working healing wishes.

ROSEMARY = Fire/Mars
Also Fire/Mercury
Leaves and small branches
Contentment, Love, Protection,
Clear Thinking and Money.
This is a good all around herb to have
and I like it even better that you can
find it in your cupboard. Used primarily
for contentment and happiness to the home
and to the person, a branch is hung, food
is cooked with it or it can be worn to be
a tension relieving and contented feeling.
This also added to other appropriate herbs
is a great boost for money, when you don't
need your own money making press, just
enough to say, cover those concert tickets
you want. Carried in a sachet, talisman or
amulet, this is a great guard against
negative energies. Tea is drank to improve
mental clarity and aid in the memory.
Good for students!

RUE = Fire/Saturn
Top part of plant
Repentance, Seeing mistakes.
Hang this dried herb indoors from the
ceiling to the floor to help others and
yourself see and understand their mistakes,
preferably in an inconspicuous place.
Burn for banishing any type of negativity
or bad habits you may want to get rid of.


SAFFRON = Fire/Sun
The whole Herb
Another cupboard-ready herb, this
herb whether burned, worn, carried
or drank, helps to develop and strengthen
your psychic awareness. Use liberally
when working with the chakras
Use as a substitute for Orange. Also
used with other herbs for healing.

SAGE = Earth/Jupiter
Healing, Purifying
Used in sachets and amulets for
all healing wishes and also burned
or placed near a personal object
of the person for whom the healing
wish is made. Burned and the smoke
is walked to the four corners of the
room to repel and rid negative energies
and influences. Especially good when
moving into a new home. Can be drank
as a tea to help promote a hasty healing.
Also used when meditating.

The whole Herb
Protection, Banishing
Use the leaves in a necklace to
ward off sickness and tensions.
Carry to strengthen your courage
and conviction, or when about to
confront a nasty situation. Burn to
repel and banish negative thoughts
and energies from yourself or others.

Wood, Resin
Protection, Cleansing,
Meditations and Healings
Burn to enhance your meditations
and healing wishes. Use the wood
also for a healing wand or tie a
piece on a healing wand. Burn to
cleanse and purify yourself or the
home by passing the smoke over your
body or through the house. Used with
other herbs in developing your

SKULLCAP = Earth/Jupiter
The whole Herb
Meditations, Clear Thinking
Used as a tea, drank before meditation
or to enhance the development of. As
a bath, used for calming the aura of
tensions and stress. Burned for relief
of disharmony and disruptive situations.

Leaves and Root
Cleansing and Protection
Burn for cleansing rooms and yourself
of negative influences. Carry in an
amulet or sachet for protection in
all sorts of situations. Use with other
herbs in dream pillows.

The whole Herb
Healing and some Love wishes
Burn for healing wishes especially
respiratory. Carry the herb in sachet
for healing, drink the tea for healing
or take a bath for strength and vitality.


THISTLE = Fire/Mars
The whole Herb
Healing, Protection
A spray of thistles aids in the speedy
recuperation after surgery or illness,
Hang in the home or plant around the home
to ward off unwanted visitors and thieves.

THYME = Air/Venus
The whole Herb
Clairvoyance, Sleep,
Cleansing, Healing and Love.
Use in dream pillows to ward off
nightmares, burn or use with other
oils for aid in psychic awareness,
wear a sprig to ward off severe
grief, Burn and/or hang a sprig to
banish and purify a home or room.
Use with other herbs for healing and
take a cleansing bath before working

TONKA BEANS = Water/Venus
The Bean, of course!
Simply put, carry the bean in your
pocket, as a sachet, amulet or even
place next to the candle or stone in
all love drawing wishes.


VALERIAN = Water/Mercury
Dream Magick, Reconciliations
Love and Harmony wishes.
Use fresh herbs in sachets for dream
magick and sleep protection baths,
burn for reconciliations in love
relationships (make sure you have all
parties permission first!), drink as
a harmonizing tea infusion. Place in
the home or grow in the garden to aid
in keeping harmony. Add to other herbs
for love wishes.

VERVAIN = Water/Venus
The whole Herb
Cleansing, Protection and Love
Used mainly for cleansing baths and
incenses before working magick as it
both cleanses and protects any negative
influences. Used in amulets, sachets,
dream pillows, oils, incense and baths
purifying and protecting people,(especially
children) and home. Spiritual manifestations
and creativity.

VIOLET = Water/Venus
Flowery Tops
Love, Luck and Night Magick
Carried, the flowers are to impart
luck to the bearer. Given also to
newly married couples and babies. Added
to other love herbs for all types of
love wishes. Have a spray of violets
on hand when working night magick and
to aid in divination and spirituality.


WILLOW = Water/Moon
Divination, Healing,
Protection and Moon Magick.
The wood is often used in the making
of magickal wands and tools. It is
also considered a sacred WISHING
Used when working with spirits and
all healing wishes, wear a sprig when
someone close to you passes. Place on
the altar for all moon magick wishes
and for all divination.

Flowery tops and leaves
Clairvoyance, Protection
After magick sessions, mental clearing
smolder during magick ritual, or as a tea
Burn during divination and clairvoyance,
burn for all protection.


YARROW = Water/Venus
Flowery Tops
Love, Clairvoyance and
Carried as a sachet or amulet it repels
or rids of negative influences. Said to
keep a newly married couple together and
any upsetting influences out of the relation-
ship and their love alive. Aids in keeping
up your courage and in any divinatory

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