My fair lady

Is she here,
Is she there,
Were may i find her.
I know her love,
I know her smile,
But i have yet to see her.
She is sweet,
She is nice,
But i still cant seem to find her.
Her bueaty is sureal,
Her looks are unreal,
But where is she.
Her face is in my dreams,
Her voice is in my ears,
Yet i still cant find her.
She might be over there,
Or she might be over here,
Were can i find her.
I have looked far,
I have look near,
But i still cant find her.
I know were i have not looked,
I know were she is,
I think i have found her.
She is in my heart,
She is in my soul,
She is in my mind,
She is in every part of me.
And thats were she will allways be.

TAL 3-25-02 AKA ShadowWitch1